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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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washington. good morning, welcome to 9news now. today is monday, november 22nd, i'm andrea roane. i'm i'm mike hydeck. good morning, angie. >> we start on a mild and foggy note this morning. we have visibilities a half mile or less. dense fog the story through the morning. comfortable temperatures at least. let's get started with a look at the day planner, you notice the clouds and fog. low 50es at 9:00, low 60s by noon. mid-60s, 65, 66 for a high today. 62 by 6:00 p.m. we'll have a chance for showers as we head to tomorrow. not much happening here. you see clouds and rain in michigan, parts of ohio and indiana. we're doing fine except for the fog.
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dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. for the entire metro. winchester you have had low visibilities, you are not in the warning but watch out. some half mile or less. we are waking up to a green light across the region as we look at our roadways. a live look the inner loop, construction in virginia is between gallows road and route 50. that should be clearing by 5:00. we'll switch it over to 267, the dulles toll road eastbound. it is closed between 495 and 123 as a result, you'll want to follow the detour there, going westbound we have the roadway closed at 123. staying in virginia, moving to 66, headed eastbound, no problems to report. you'll want to watch for more road work inside the beltway degree road exit. we hear they'll be out there until 6:00 a.m. as opposed to the normal 5:00 a.m. closing time. we're okay between i-95 and
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270, but go have fog to deal with, please take it easy. 270 southbound free flowing out of frederick down towards the split. coming up in your next traffic report at 4:40 we'll have a look at virginia roads including 395 northbound. thank you, angie. time to check stories we've been following while you slept. >> national transportation safety board investigators are trying to determine what caused engine failure aboard a moscow bound flight which was forced to make an emergency landing moments after taking off from jfk airport in new york city. no one was injured and the passengers were eventually transferred to another flight. the philadelphia eagles take sole possession of first place in nfc east, 27-17 win over the new york giants. michael vick ran 4 yards for one touchdown, led the eagles on a 90-yard drive which ended with lasean mccoy running 50 yards for the go ahead score. there is expected to be a
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heavy police presence at osbourn high school in manassas, virginia today after a second stabbing following a fatal stabbing of a ninth grader on friday. >> police have not officially connected the two stabbings, but they do believe both are gang related. >> they take his life without doing nothing, nothing. we know he was not a gang member. >> reporter: a grieving sister talks about losing her youngest brother to ms-13 gang members. 15-year-old miguel hernandez was stabbed to death moments after he left osbourn high school, walking to an after school center. we talked to people who witnessed that murder. while beg interviewed they received a threatening text, the reason our time was cut short. >> on the surface the pictures seamed innocent but the elmo draped in ms13 gang colors is a
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threat. >> reporter: a stabbing at the shopping center saturday night is in retaliation for the ninth grader's death. >> the concern returns to osbourn high school, there will be heightened security inside and outside of the school. despite that, some parents off camera say they will not be bringing their children to school tomorrow. >> what do you tell parents and some of the kids that we talk to who are highly afraid of coming to school tomorrow? >> i would say they shouldn't be afraid to come to school. >> i'm worried about it, because that guy supposedly was in school, right. i'm worried about it and i'm a little bit scared. >> this was not a school event. this was an event in the community. >> i'm not sure we can avoid rehabilitation, but we can be prepared. >> do you want this retaliation to stop, you don't want more violence, do you? >> no, this needs to be stopped. >> now, tonight members of the manassas city council are expected to address the stabbings at the regularly
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scheduled meeting and both city police chief and the school superintendent are expected to be there as well. school officials and the city manager say they do not believe 15-year-old miguel hernandez had any links to a gang. the tsa says there could be changes to the new security measures angering some air travelers. they include full body scanners and potentially invasive pat downs at major airports across the country. the tsa says the program is evolving and there could be adjustments in the future. the statement came after the administrator of the tsa took a hard line in an interview about the controversial measures, which include full body scans and pat downs. >> we're not changing the policies because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat. >> during an interview on sunday, secretary of state hillary clinton admitted she wouldn't want to be subjected to an intense pat down. the statement from the tsa also
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says the agency will strive to make the security procedures as minimally invasive as possible. the top u.s. envoy to north korea is calling the country's claim of a new nuclear facility provocative and disappointing, but he says it is not a crisis or surprise. north korea recently showed off the formally secret facility to a visiting american scientist. now u.s. officials believe it is for uranium enrichment and could enable the country to build more nuclear weapons. toxic gases are still keeping rescuers from entering a new zealand coal mine. 29 miners have been trapped since an explosion friday. officials are planning to send a bomb disposal robot to determine whether the crews can enter the mine. local leaders say it may already be too late to save any of the men. in sports a good day in red skin nation. the team left fans on the edge of their seats for most of sunday's game against tennessee. >> this was an interesting one
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to watch. the titans took the lead on a punt return early. taking the ball from the 13, look at that, he runs fast, doesn't he? avoids a few tackles, to make it to pay dirt. michael griffin was an escort. the redskins answer, donovan mcnabb you saw it hit moss in the end zone for one of his six catches. then this goes into overtime. redskins kicker graham gano scored the game winning field goal. this is the second possession, skins 19-titans 16. wow. in case you wanted to know, 34 for the new orleans saints, 19 for the seahawks. wasn't even going to mention it. >> dangerous places to live, there are two communities in our region that are on a list that no lawmaker wants to talk about. a country appears to be in more of a financial hole than first estimated.
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it's 4:37 you're watching 9news now.
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coming up on 4:40 we're dealing with fog this morning in frederick county a little bit gets thick toward the metro. 95 and the eastern shore visibilities in many cases less than half mile. the day planner for today, dense fog advisory threw 11:00. we'll have the fog at 9:00, 53. today at noon, breaks, 62. and 64 for the drive home, highs in the mid 60s. hello virginia, traveling northbound 395, so far so good. lanes are open from duke street to the 14th street bridge. in your next traffic report at 4:48, we'll look at how fog is affecting your morning commute. thank you, angie. at 4:40 time for the first your money report of the morning. jessica doyle has the headlines. >> it is a short week on wall street. a lot to get through, a lot of
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economic reports on thursday and the short day on friday. and as for trading asian stocks were mostly higher. checking wall street the dow standing this morning at 11,203, added about 22 points in trading friday. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were both up about three points. the budget situation is looking bleak in montgomery county. the county's projected deficit next year will likely grow to more than $400 million. after the latest rounds of tax revenues came in about $200 million short. part of the reason why sunday liquor sales are welcome. starting yesterday liquor stores will be open on sundays from noon to 6:00 p.m. one estimate says montgomery county could add another $2 million to its coffers each year with the liquor store hours. and today and tomorrow there is no class for students and employees of louden county schools. the workers are furloughed on those days. all county schools will be closed and all activities are cancelled. school employees were given a choice of days they prefer to stay home without pay, 30%
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chose this week. we have the holidays coming up, not a bad week to have a little time off. >> if you have to. >> the pay would be nice though. >> that would be very nice. thank you, jessica. well, a 16-year-old pop sensation goes four for four at the american music awards. comments from pope benedict is raising new debate about the use of birth control among catholics around the world. it's 4:42. we'll be right back.
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good morning, again. howard bernstein is here. you say there is a little fog. i didn't have fog, but spritzing on my windshield. when you were coming in the clouds were high enough, visibilities a couple miles, we have drizzle. many areas are dealing with visibilities a half mile or less. we have a dense fog advisory until 11:00 this morning, that will be your weather problem of the day. jacket wise, you'll need something this morning with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but we're going into the
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60s, that's good news. to bus stop forecast, we have the fog out there, so watch out for the kids. my goodness, never got to that one this morning. we'll get that updated. sunrise 6:56, 55, it's getting later and later, sunset 4:50. your day planner, we have fog through at 11:00 a.m. with the advisory. look for at least cloudy skies with fog around at 9:53. south winds will be five to ten today. that's not so bad. mostly cloudy and partly sunny at noon. 62. a mild afternoon in the 60s, by 5:64 degrees, south winds at 8 miles per hour. this morning widespread fog from frederick and montgomery county, then it gets thick, not d.c. immediate, fairfax, down 95, eastern shore, cambridge, quarter mile visibility with 43 degrees. we have 30s in the valley. no fog instanton, a little toward winchester leesburg,
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manassas, fredricksburg, quantico, stafford, charles county, 40s to near 50 degrees. at national we have fog and even a tiny bit of drizzle being reported, south winds at 3 miles per hour and you can see with the relative humidity, 96%. the air practically saturated out there. the thing for us this week, there will be a couple big storms, one early in the week. you can see it developing with the snows in the northern plains. on the warm side we have rain breaking out indiana, michigan. this comes through for the late tuesday, wednesday. so ahead of it, we have some mild temperatures, we'll get that to start. then we'll get chilly behind it. another chance for rain toward friday. so things have changed a little bit since last week. wednesday a big travel day looks okay. looking at our future cast today. we have showers through midday, well to our north in pennsylvania, new york and front. flying into chicago later this afternoon, there could be problems with that cold front. by tomorrow morning, that front is moving east, so here it is
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toward cleveland, columbus, lexington. see the showers, rumbles of thunder. we're mild, partly cloudy. watch that front because middle of the day, showers west one or two may sprinkle here. during the afternoon with the front we'll see a couple showers come through. call it a scattering of showers. and then the chilly air will move in wednesday morning. wednesday a much colder day after being in the 60s today and tomorrow, wednesday we'll see highs in the low to mid 50s before some return flow by the end of the week. that will bring us a mild finish, at least for the work week, the day after, black friday we'll call it. a short work week for many. then a little colder by the weekend. look at the high temperatures today. once we get rid of the fog, we could really warm up a lot with sunshine, mid-60s in town, upper 60s to even near 70 to fredricksburg, 64 in anap says, 65 here. tonight not that cold. we will hold in the 40s to low
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50s, which for this time of year, the average highs are 55, 56. this is a very mild night for november. looking to the next three days we have temperatures at least are nice today and tomorrow. mid if not upper 60s. in the afternoon tomorrow a scattering of showers with the front, 67. you see the cool down wednesday only 54 degrees. your thanksgiving, that doesn't look bad. there could be a late shower or two, 54. friday looks wet now. this looks like another potentially wet day and 60. i know, standing in line with the rain jacket. a chill down saturday 47. and sunday sunny and 54. right now watch out for fog. it's 448 type. angie will let you know how the fog is affecting your commute. thank you, howard. despite low visibility out there on many roadways, we are giving traffic the green light across the region. this is what howard was talking about in virginia, 95 northbound you will run into fog, making your way toward the mixing
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bowl. the inner and outer loop there is construction to watch out for in virginia between route 50 and 267, the dulles toll road. all of that should be clearing by the 5:00 hour. 66 eastbound no incidents to report from manassas towards route 50, towards the capital beltway. there is more patchy fog out that way. in maryland you will run into low visibility as you make your way from father hurley toward the split. overall no incidents. 95 southbound, in maryland we also have construction that is hanging around until 5:00. that's at 198, we will lose a couple left lanes until 5:00. still ahead in your next traffic report, we have more maryland roadways at 5:01. there is both grace and caution over pope benedict's comments on condoms. in an interview with the german journalist, the pope says some condom use may be justified in the case of male pros statutes, seeking to prevent the spread
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of hiv. some say the church is stepping into the modern debate in the fight against aides. in a follow up statement, vatican officials say the pope's comments in no way changed the church's view on birth control. donald wherl is now a cardinal. he was one of 24 men elevated to cardinal this weekend by pope benedict. he is only one of two americans to get the promotion. as cardinal, he will become a close advisor to the pope and he'll have a vote on who will be the next leader of the world's catholics. saturday's ceremony was in st. peter's square with 400 well wisher from the washington arch diocese. emergency visits for cough medicines, according to a new study from the centers for disease control and prevention. researchers found some parents are still giving their infants
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and toddlers cough medicines which suggest a couple things, not everyone discarded the old bottles after the medicines were withdrawn although some are back on she was now. maryland is one step closer of banning the sale of four loko. it has been banned in four other states. maryland's attorney general is asking state health officials to remove all caffeine infused alcoholic beverages from stores and bars. officials say four loko is the equivalent of five beers and a large cup of could have people the drink is blamed in the des of a 21-year-old eastern shore girl. the nation's capitol is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. >> that's according to a new pole by the sq press. d.c. ranked as america's 16th most unsafe city. baltimore is number 13, st. louis, missouri and camden, new jersey took the top spots as the country's most dangerous.
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this is according to the cq press again. the study is based on fbi statistics for murder, rape and robbery and assault. the city was was once at the top of the list, new york is now ranked as the 296th most dangerous place in the country. wow, that's a big drop from number one to it 296. the safest place is in new york state as well, a small community. this is going to be hard for district officials to swallow. i thought things were improving with crime stats. >> it seems like it over the years, right? >> they were once known as dodge city and that didn't go over very well. this is going to be tough to take. they're not number one though. look for the positive. >> that's right. a d.c. tradition, thanksgiving tradition continues today. >> for the fourth year in a row, ward five councilmember harry tommy thomas junior, will distribute more than 400 turkeys in the greater mount calvary holy church. the give away begins at noon until 2:00 p.m.
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at the greater mount calvary holy church, 610 rhode island in the northeast. ash arrest for a man who was murdered and stuffed in a box on the side of an interstate. sarah palin is on a nationwide tour to promote the release of her latest book which hit stores this week. the question of the day, what does the average american household spend more for energy on, a appliances; b, heating and cooling or c water heaters. we'll reveal the answer in a little bit. 3q
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welcome back, 4:56. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 11:00. 9:00 still foggy, 53. some shine will help today. low 60s at noon, 64 for the drive home, highs in the mid-60s, andrea. thank you, howard. the founder of one of the country's oldest and largest african american history museums has died. margaret boroughs died in her sleep yesterday morning at her home. she was 93. in 1961, she founded an african american history on chicago's south side. the museum was named after gene baptiste the first resident of the city. she was widely admired for her contributions to culture, and mentor. even though you proudly knew this would happen, the the latest franchise of the harry potter movie worked its magic
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at the box office once again. >> harry potter. >> harry potter and the deathly hallows, grossed $125 million in the opening weekend. the sixth largest in all time. the final movie harry potter, in the deathly hallows, part two is in july. justin bieber first american music awards was basically as close to perfect as you could get. the 16-year-old grabbed an award for every nomination he received, that's four total. including favorite artist. for that he beat out eminem , katy perry, lego gaga and usher. sarah palin has a new book coming out this week, and portions have leaked on the internet. >> in the book palin expresses her strong opinions on everything from the current administration to reality tv.
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>> reporter: sarah palin's new book doesn't say whether she'll run for president, but with another possible best seller, tv shows and public appearances in politically important states, she appears to be laying the groundwork as she suggested to barbara walters. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> reporter: in america by heart, palin takes a swipe at president barack obama saying he is among those who seem to believe the tea party is racially prejudiced. >> let me tell you something. >> reporter: she also goes after the first lady suggesting michelle obama hasn't shown enough pride in her country. >> sarah palin's first book going rogue sold over 2 million copies. the new book will have a first printing of 1 million expected to be a best cellar. from what i recently read 40% believe she should run, perhaps a percentage will be interested. >> she criticizes american idol saying contestants embarrass themselves. >> but she calls dancing with the stars an up lifting family
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oriented show, and says her daughter bristol is challenging herself in a fun new way. and palin takes aim at the media for giving so much attention to levi johnston. she writes it was disgusting to watch as his 15 minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. >> palin has complained on twitter about the leak of what she called out of context excerpts from the new book, which isn't officially released until tuesday. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck, good morning, angie. >> hello. >> we do weather first with howard. >> a foggy morning, drizzling in spots. you may need the wipers intermittently, wet streets. we have leaves out there and a light jacket should do it with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. here you go with a look at the day planner on monday


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